2015 Kings Fair Hours

Thursday, June 11th:

Friday, June 12th:

Saturday, June 13th:

Sunday, June 14th:


5pm- Midnight

5pm- Midnight

3pm- Midnight

3pm- Midnight

Fair Ticket Gates Close at 10pm Each Night of the Fair

Fair Forms

2016 Vendor Applications/Prices:

2016 Dairy/Market Contracts
2016 Market Animal Contract POSTING ON OCT. 2
2016 Replacement Heifer Contract POSTING ON OCT. 2

2016 Entry Forms
KF 16 Market Entry Form COMING SOON
KF 16 Breeding Entry Form COMING SOON
KF 16 Rabbit-Poultry Entry Form COMING SOON
KF 16 Dog Show Entry Form COMING SOON

2016 Arts and Floriculture Entry Forms
KF 16 Junior Dept. Entry Form COMING SOON 
KF 16 Adult Dept. Entry Form COMING SOON

2016 Awards Catalog **ALL COMING SOON**
KF Handbook 16 Livestock
KF Handbook 16 Poultry
KF Handbook 16 Rabbits
KF Handbook 16 Dog Show
KF Handbook 16 Fine Arts
KF Handbook 16 Home Arts
KF Handbook 16 Floriculture

2016 Add-On Forms **COMING SOON**
KF 16 Dairy Add On Long
KF 16 Dairy Add-On
KF 16 JLA Add-On Long
KF 16 JLA Add-On